Bridging the financial literary gap

Excerpt from Digital News Asia, Bridging the financial literary gap by Edwin Yapp

“THE startup scene is replete with stories of founders doing anything it takes to get funding, and getting very little sleep in the process. When asked if this were true, Lee Ching Wei, co-founder of iMoney Sdn Bhd, says he honestly can’t remember.

“Did I go door-to-door knocking every day to meet investors? Perhaps I did, but I can’t remember!” says Ching Wei, more popularly known as just ‘Ching,’ who was also an inaugural Digital News Asia (DNA) Digerati50.

It’s a moot point now, as cash isn’t particularly a problem for the three-year-old financial comparison startup, which was founded in 2012 before ‘fintech’ or financial services technology became a sexy startup term.

After several rounds of funding, iMoney finally scored big when ASX-listed iSelect Ltd forked out US$4 million for a 20.1% stake. Since then, the 30-year-old Ching has been busy working on the operational side of things.”