EasyUni launches EasyUni Middle East

Exposure to a fresh market to open new pathways for EdTech startup

Kuala Lumpur, 18 December 2017 – Following the success of EasyUni’s penetration in the Malaysian and global markets, EasyUni today commemorated the signing of a Joint Venture Agreement for EasyUni Middle East, located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

The ceremony took place with EasyUni CEO Edwin Tay and EasyUni Middle East Co-Founder Abdullah Al-Kharasani, formalising the partnership with the signing of the agreement here in Kuala Lumpur. “By establishing this partnership with EasyUni we now have connections with over 3,000 universities across the world. Capitalizing on this establishment we want to assist foreign universities who are willing to penetrate this region. Our expertise and knowledge of the local market and digital marketing is the perfect combination which will allow us to provide an exclusive service to the foreign universities” says Abdullah.

He credits the rising student population in the Middle East for this venture, and the need to provide them as well as local universities with the assistance they require to move forward.

The brand new portal,, has quickly gained traction since its inception, recording a 66.5% week-on- week increase in web traffic. EasyUni Middle East has also generated a substantial number of student enquiries resulting in 60 successfully enrolled students into EasyUni’s university clients.

As for the EdTech startup itself, Edwin Tay has high hopes for this partnership. “EasyUni Middle East will play an important role in the success of EasyUni Group in the next few years. There is a steady demand for Middle East students, not only from Malaysian universities, but also UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. This will greatly help EasyUni in adding more value to our clients who are based there. In addition, we also took note that Universities in Middle East are now more open to carrying out digital campaigns to enrol students from the Middle East itself. We want to be the digital marketing service provider that helps them to do that.”

With 5.1 million students in Higher Education and a mere 3.1% of them studying abroad, Middle East presents a growing opportunity for Universities globally to tap into and enrol students. EasyUni aims to be the service provider of choice in helping Universities globally achieve exactly that, with the launch of EasyUni Middle East.