Warren Tan

VLT Digital

Warren Tan is the Founder & CEO of VLT, a digital services group that builds businesses and transforms brands for the digital age.

Warren’s love for design, technology and entrepreneurship began in his teenage years. At the age of 20, he convinced his conservative parents to allow him a gap year from his Computer Science degree, despite their concerns that he should complete his education.

Warren took the year off to found his first company, a technology startup. It was profitable from its very first year, and was successfully merged three years later.

The merger created Integricity, a group of companies spanning creative, technology and digital services. Warren led the group’s flagship, Integricity Interactive, serving clients including Citibank, Hilton and Unilever. He sold and exited Integricity after being named Agency of the Year, four times over, in 2012.

In January 2013, Warren founded VLT. In two years, VLT’s core digital agency business grew to over 80 employees –winning clients including Astro, BMW, Sony and Tesco – whilst impacting the ecosystem with its ventures including a startup studio, venture fund, community builder, and a network of co-working spaces.

VLT has won industry recognition: winning a haul of awards including Campaign Asia’s Southeast Asia Independent Agency of the Year, in 2013 and 2014.

VLT is a digital agency that creates experiences that make people’s lives better, on behalf of brands.