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Edwin Tay


The idea for EasyUni surfaced in 2008, when Edwin Tay and his life-long friend noticed how their niece and nephew struggled to choose a university and area of study without using an expensive college counselor. With the help of investors, EasyUni hired its first employees and launched its portal in 2011.

Many second-tier universities struggle to disseminate their brand in Southeast Asia due to limited marketing budgets, time zones, language barriers, and unfamiliarity with local cultures. EasyUni’s free online education portal aggregates information on over 2,000 universities, making it easy for prospective students to compare and choose new courses, while also facilitating an end-to-end application process. EasyUni’s multisided platform enables lesser known universities and Southeast Asian students to efficiently and conveniently connect online. It serves as the one-stop-shop to find and apply to the right university while removing the costs of using a private college counselor. Edwin’s first entrepreneurial venture was a digital agency and e-marketing software company he co-founded with his friends, Netinfinium Corp, which went on to win multiple awards including the Red Herring Asia Top 100 and Deloitte Asia Pacific’s Top 500 Fastest Growing IT Companies (2005/2006). Edwin grew the company organically until 2011, when a build-up of partnership issues led him to sell Netinfinium to N2N Connect, a public-listed company. Edwin has a Materials Engineering Degree from Universiti Sains Malaysia. During the 57th International Selection Panel in Singapore, EasyUni was the fourth company from Malaysia to be selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur company.


EasyUni is an online university search portal that aggregates information on over 2,000 universities across 30+ countries, making it easy for prospective students to compare and choose courses, as well as facilitating an end-to-end application process.

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