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Loi Tuan Ee

Holstein Milk Company

When it comes to moo-ving the needle of the local dairy industry, there’s no one udder than Holstein Milk Company. In just 7 years, farmer and entrepreneur Loi Tuan Ee successfully built and scaled a dairy farm, consequently making the Farm Fresh brand the market leader in all-natural and fresh dairy products in Malaysia.

A naturalist at heart, Loi’s path to Holstein Milk Company began when he immersed himself in agriculture after years in the corporate world. He started by growing palm oil trees, dragonfruit, and rearing Arowana fish on the 83-acres of land he owned in Johor. He eventually started rearing dairy goats to deal with the fruit waste, when it was then brought to his attention on how farmers were constantly overcharged by traders for their milk produce. Loi’s solidarity towards farmers coupled with his realization of the market opportunity within the dairy industry, compelled him to sell the rest of his previously owned businesses to focus solely on the cattle dairy industry in 2008.

Today, Farm Fresh offers a range of fresh, flavored, and cultured milk and yoghurt drinks, and prides itself in reaching shelves within 48 hours of milking, resulting in a taste that is 100% natural.

Loi began his entrepreneurial journey before Holstein, founding two companies within the packaging industry: Ready Chemical and Multiview Entreprise, which were then sold to Century Bond where he was appointed as director and Group Deputy Managing Director.

In July 2016, Loi was selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur in the 65th Endeavor International Selection Panel in Bali.


The Holstein Milk Company is Malaysia’s leading integrated dairy company producing premium grade dairy products marketed under the Farm Fresh brand which aims to reduce Malaysia’s dependence on imported fresh milk.