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Neil Cheong

Entrepreneur Selection & Growth

To move the needle in improving the nation’s socioeconomic well-being, Neil believes all levels of the society, especially the enterprise leaders play a significant role model in leading positive change.

As part of the Entrepreneur Selection & Growth team, Neil hopes to reach out to support the journey of being the most impactful and innovative entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

Before joining Endeavor, Neil worked in the optimization of the business processes and management for an e-commerce startup and a local retail chain store. In 2017, Neil co-founded Naïve Nerds, which started off as a marketing agency, which then evolved into offering digital marketing strategy consultancy and advisory services.

Neil initiated the Ice-Cream Project (ICP), an enterprise driven charity outreach program during his senior year in Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS). The mission of the initiative is to narrow the social opportunistic gap between university students and children from the rural regions of Sabah. Since 2014, ICP is succeeded by cohorts of student committees of Rotaract Club UMS and estimated to have impacted 200-500 young souls every year. Beyond ice-creams, the initiative has successfully attracted additional public donations to fund teaching tools for rural primary schools. ICP is still operational and scaling today.

With a scholarship awarded by the China Scholarship Council, Neil graduated from Tongji University, Shanghai with an MSc in Marine Geology with his thesis titled “The evolution of monsoon seasonality during the glacial cycles in the South China Sea.” He is also part of the alumni of the Young Art Entrepreneurs (YAE!) of the National Art Gallery.