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Team Members

Nurshaffira Izzad

Thrilled to be part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, Fira manages Endeavor’s strategy, marketing and external communications.

Prior to Endeavor, Fira worked at a fund management and investment advisory firm with positions focused on marketing, human resources and research. During her tenure, she was the project leader of the Global Budding Value Investor Award, promoting value investing amongst the younger generation.

As her interest grew in marketing and pursuing her mission in life of creating impact, Fira started her journey with Endeavor as a Marketing and Communications lead. Her role includes digital marketing, events and flourishing partnerships that will possibly extend the reach of the Endeavor brand, creating a bigger impact to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. As Endeavor Malaysia scales, her role progresses into leading Strategy, which includes developing new revenue streams and product lines.

In 2017 she graduated with a degree in Economics and Politics from The University of Manchester. Her honors thesis was entitled, “Democracy and Voting Rights Versus Compulsory Voting” which focused on comparing the nature of voting in the United Kingdom and in Australia.

In her free time, Fira enjoys traveling, cooking and trying out new activities!

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