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Bryan Loo

Loob Holding

Bryan Loo is the Founder and CEO of Loob Holding, the largest beverage company in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Bryan was born in Perlis, a state outside of central Malaysia, and grew up in an entrepreneurial household. Watching his parents run their business as the bedrock of his entrepreneurial career, Bryan started his first business at the age of 7, where he drew comic books and rented them out at 50 cents per reading. He then traded bicycles. As an adult, Bryan went on to study biotechnology at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, where he was able to hone his innovation talents by performing intensive research to constantly create new products and learning to always be on the forefront of innovation.

However, upon graduating and venturing into medical sales, Bryan soon realised that the industry was not his cup of tea. He knew his calling was entrepreneurship. During his visit to Taiwan, a country renowned for its rich tea-drinking culture, he identified a gap in the Malaysian tea market. It became apparent to him that Malaysia lacked a distinct brand that truly embraced its own vibrant tea culture.

Founded in 2010, Loob Holding is now the largest lifestyle beverage company in Southeast Asia by outlet count, managing a diverse portfolio of forward-thinking beverage brands in the country and internationally. It owns Southeast Asia’s largest bubble tea chain, Tealive, which has over 900 outlets across 10 countries and serves ~50 million cups per year. Having established itself as a definitive leader in Malaysia, Tealive is poised for accelerated growth. Besides Tealive, Loob’s beverage portfolio also includes Bask Bear Coffee, WonderBrew, and Sodaxpress. True to the name “Loob'' which means “looking out of the box”, Loob’s long-term vision is to be the leading hi-tech innovator in the global beverage industry, empowering change for a sustainable future.

Currently, Loob Holding is present in over 10 countries - Malaysia, Viet Nam, Myanmar, Brunei, the Philippines, Australia, the United Kingdom, Cambodia, Mauritius, and Canada. In July 2023, Loob Holding was selected at the 96th International Selection Panel in Bali as the 23rd company to join Endeavor Malaysia.

Loob Holding is the largest lifestyle beverage company in Malaysia and Southeast Asia by outlet count, managing a diverse portfolio of forward thinking beverage brands in Malaysia and internationally - Tealive, Bask Bear Coffee, Wonderbrew and Sodaexpress. Loob is backed by Creador, a PE firm focused on growth-oriented businesses in Southeast Asia and India.

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