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Board Member

Eric Cheng


Eric is the Co-founder and Group CEO of Carsome, the largest car auction platform in Malaysia.

Eric started his entrepreneurial journey in 2008 when he and a few college friends started a print magazine business. During his second year as an accounting student, Eric dropped out of school and joined an interactive online marketing company, Innity. Eric then started Clicks Communications in 2011, an ad network and creative agency. Within its first year, Eric sold his ownership back to his co-founders, realizing he had left Innity too soon. After returning to the firm, Eric continued to lead its digital advertising team and focused on improving global branding campaigns for his clients.

In 2015, he was again inspired to try his entrepreneurial hand, and convinced his Innity colleague Juin Ee to launch a business with him. Having witnessed friends and family spend exorbitant time and stress haggling with local dealers to sell their cars, Eric and Juin decided to solve Malaysia’s fragmented and untapped auto industry. Initially starting out as a car buying platform, Eric pivoted 6 months into starting Carsome into a car selling platform, after receiving numerous requests from their customers.

Today, Carsome is the largest online platform for drivers to sell their cars and is present in 4 major Southeast Asian markets – Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. In July 2019, Eric was selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur at the 88th Endeavor International Selection Panel in Tokyo, Japan.

Eric joined Endeavor Malaysia's board in 2022.

Carsome is the largest online used-car auction platform in Southeast Asia, allowing consumers to sell their cars within 24 hours in a fast, fair and free manner with full transparency.

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