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Endeavor Entrepreneurs

Fadza Anuar


Fadza is the CEO and co-founder of FashionValet, Southeast Asia’s leading & fastest growing D2C Modest Fashion Group.

Founded in 2010, FashionValet started out as a curated fashion marketplace hosting over 500 Malaysian, Indonesian and Singaporean brands. Since then, the group has shifted its business strategy to utilising an omnichannel approach for their two in-house brands, dUCk & L I L I T.

Today, FashionValet is a multi-million dollar company with over 400 employees that operate out of Malaysia, Jakarta and Singapore. Currently, the group has 13 physical stores in Malaysia & Singapore in addition to official brand websites and mobile apps, that receive orders from all over the world. The group continues to enhance in-store customer experience with the introduction of dUCk Cafe and dUCk Salon at its first flagship store in Bangsar Village, Kuala Lumpur.

As CEO, Fadza leads the company’s strategic direction and business development, and has taken FashionValet through three rounds of funding from Bursa Malaysia-listed MyEG, San Francisco-based VC Elixir Capital and Japan’s largest online fashion portal, ZOZO Inc.

FashionValet has received awards from MATRADE, clinching the ‘Anugerah Peneraju Eksport’ award and has been recognized by MDEC as the top exporter of the #MYCYBERSALE 2016 campaign, with Fadza himself being recognised as one of the Augustman Men of The Year in 2015.

Passionate about giving back to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, Fadza actively speaks about his experiences in universities and entrepreneurship events. He has also given talks on entrepreneurship and e-commerce at industry events such as the Kuala Lumpur International Trade Fair organised by MATRADE.

Fadza graduated with a Masters in Aeronautical Engineering from Imperial College London, and along with his co-founder & wife, Vivy Yusof, FashionValet was selected at the 69th International Selection Panel in Malaysia as the 13th company to join Endeavor Malaysia.

FashionValet is Southeast Asia’s leading & fastest growing D2C modest fashion group, and home to dUCk and L I L I T., brands that a​re dedicated to continuously understand and deliver everyday on-trend fashion that meets the nuanced but essential needs of today’s modern & modest women​.

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