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Endeavor Entrepreneurs

Goh Chee Hau


Goh Chee Hau is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of TheLorry, the first and largest on-demand platform for logistics in Malaysia.

Chee Hau started his career in the aviation logistics industry. He started off as a sales executive and worked his way up to becoming a Sales and Operations Manager in the largest local airlines general sales agency, National Cargo. In the past, Chee Hau was an executive with extensive and international experience working with multiple global airlines. During his tenure there, he met his Co-Founder, Nadhir Ashafiq. In 2014, just five months after their initial discussion over lunch, Chee Hau started TheLorry with Nadhir with the objective to connect professional drivers to B2B (logistics) and B2C (home moving, etc.) job requests using proprietary tracking, route optimization and payments technology.

Today, TheLorry is the largest on-demand platform for logistics in Malaysia and is present in 4 countries in Southeast Asia – Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. The platform partners with more than 7,000 experienced and reputable drivers and serves thousands of deliveries everyday.

Chee Hau graduated from HELP University College, Malaysia with a Bachelor of Business (Finance). In July 2019, Chee Hau was selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur in the 88th International Selection Panel in Tokyo.

TheLorry is a fast and easy lorry rental (“lori sewa”), van and 4×4 booking platform. We provide services such as lorry transport, professional house moving, furniture disposal and office moving.

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