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Endeavor Entrepreneurs

Hakim Karim


Before becoming an entrepreneur, Hakim had over 25 years’ of experience developing and bringing leading-edge solutions to market at Accenture, Goldman Sachs, Thomson Financial/Reuters, including four start-ups.

With international operating experience in Europe, North America, Hakim Karim ventured to Asia by moving to Hong Kong in 2005 to run Thomson’s sell-side business in the region, tripling its revenue and growth in three years to over US$30M, before heading up strategic business development for Thomson Reuters in Asia. Whilst in New York, he was also instrumental in conceiving, developing and launching Thomson ONE – Thomson Financial’s flagship solution that became the dominant product in its class, displacing major incumbents.

In 2013, Hakim co-founded GridMarkets, “the Airbnb of CPU capacity” – a private B2B market for excess CPU capacity that permits sellers to monetize their rapidly depreciating assets at marginal cost, whilst buyers are able to securely access large amount of server capacity for a fraction of primary market prices for computationally intensive problems like graphics rendering genome sequencing, simulations, market modeling, etc. GridMarkets has won a number of accolades, including BBVA’s Global OpenTalent Innovation Award, and is a Red Herring Asia Top 100 finalist and was selected by e27 as “the most promising start-up in Malaysia”. He was also named by Digital News Asia as one of “the 50 people who will help shape Malaysia’s digital economy”.

Hakim was selected at the 52nd International Selection Panel in Jakarta as Endeavor Malaysia’s first ever Endeavor Entrepreneur.

Gridmarkets offers flexible and low-cost server solutions for clients with variable and project-based server needs by linking them up with firms that have excess server capacity, allowing these firms to recover costs from servers that sit idle during off-peak periods.

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