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Team Members

Idzuan Shah Anuar

Idzuan is the associate of Strategy at Endeavor Malaysia, and has found his way into the Endeavor ecosystem after finding an aptitude for business and dedicating his degree and masters to understanding economics, business, and people.

With Entrepreneurial blood running through his veins, Idzuan joined Endeavor to stay close to the start-up scene in Malaysia to understand the ebbs and flow of what's needed and what’s being solved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

He’s determined to leave an impact at Endeavor by creating good relationships, leading impactful events that will multiply value and fostering long-term partnerships locally and globally in the spirit of moving the needle in Malaysia socioeconomic development. He believes the fruits of life are good character and acts of the common good.

In his free time, he spends his hours developing his body, mind, and soul by playing basketball, reading, and eating what his mom cooks.

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