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Team Members

Izdihar Hariffin

​​Izdihar Hariffin is a dedicated and accomplished individual, driven by a strong passion to give back to society and make a positive impact in the world.

A skilled debater since her high school days, Izdihar holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from the International Islamic University Malaysia. Izdihar's commitment to making a difference shines through her active involvement with HungerHurts, a youth-led Non Governmental Organization, where she currently contributes her free time and efforts.

With a background as a wedding planner, Izdihar's journey with Endeavor began as a voluntary intern, aligning perfectly with her strong urge to contribute to society's well-being and creating a positive influence. Sharing the ethos of Endeavor, Izdihar embodies the spirit of paying-it-forward, showcasing her dedication to nurturing the world of entrepreneurship. Looking ahead, she aspires to establish her own wedding and event planning firm, a testament to her drive and ambition.

Apart from professional commitments, Izdihar’s zest for life extends to spontaneous adventures with her husband during her leisure moments. Also a culinary enthusiast, she finds joy in experimenting with new recipes and whipping up delightful dishes.

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