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Endeavor Entrepreneurs

Jan Lambrechts

CXS International

Jan Lambrechts is the CEO and founder CXS International, a workforce-analytics company focused on preparing workforces for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Jan has an 18-year entrepreneurial career spanning five continents – in 1999 Jan architected the migration of data in the stores owned by GIB (Carrefour and Auto5) in Belgium to its online platform in anticipation of Y2K issues. Subsequently, his early career was spent in designing and development of cloud computing solutions for companies such as Lamifil, Huntsman and CISCO.

In 2006, Jan founded Yuntaa and worked on the world’s first commercially available cloud-storage platform in the era before Dropbox. After six years of heady success including expansion into India and Vietnam, working with some of the largest software providers and ISPs in Europe, Jan was head hunted to establish the Asia-Pacific arm of Conexus, Norway’s largest learning analytics firm in education and employability.

Jan is the key architect of bringing Conexus into the international market under the branding of CXS International. Jan has worked with Lithan Hall, a digital skills accelerator and Agency of Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), a government agency based in Singapore, mentoring and advising over 30 start-ups to date. In October 2018, Jan was selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur in the 83rd Endeavor International Selection Panel in Athens, Greece.

CXS International is a workforce analytics company that connects educational institutions, enterprises and governments to help them manage their talent pipelines that can respond rapidly to industrial change or disruption by delivering measurable, improved learning outcomes and prepares individuals for life beyond their education years.

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