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Endeavor Entrepreneurs

Jessica Li

Pop Meals

Jessica is currently the co-founder and COO of Pop Meals (formerly Dahmakan). At Pop Meals, she looks after food product development, people operations and supply chain. Her passion is to build a global food brand that constantly surprises and delights customers.

Prior to co-founding Dahmakan in 2015, Jessica was the former Head of Marketing for Foodpanda in Hong Kong where she helped to launch and grow the startup.

In a previous life, she worked as a Management Consultant in strategy and operations for PwC in Sydney where she advised the Australian government Department of Health and large pharma companies although she always knew her passion was in F&B.

Jessica’s first job was working as a food & restaurant reviewer from TimeOut magazine and her first unpaid internship was working as a PR rep for a celebrity chef.

She holds a Master in Organisational Psychology from the University of New South Wales and a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) from University College London.

Pop Meals was founded in 2020 in Malaysia to pioneer data-driven food development in the region. Pop Meals strives to serve affordable food in the fastest and most convenient ways through an omnichannel approach with a network of smart outlets. The company creates food that customers love by collecting and implementing customer feedback into product development processes.

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