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Endeavor Entrepreneurs

John Lim


John met co-founder Wai Hun, while working at Sapura Advanced Systems where he was the main architect of Executive Desktop, which won the 1995 Industry Excellence Award as well as the PIKOM Software of the Year award, Malaysia’s most prestigious software award.

It was in the midst of the Asian Financial Crisis when John and Wai Hun saw an opportunity — they discovered that when borrowers defaulted on their loans, banks had to go through a lengthy, offline process to engage with lawyers. With Wai Hun’s business savvy coupled with John’s software capabilities, this led to the launch of JurisTech, a peer-to-peer network between banks and lawyers, allowing real-time collaborations throughout the debt recovery process.

Today, JurisTech includes an end-to-end enterprise credit management ecosystem, which includes a suite of six core products developed largely for the banking sector. All of the software systems are designed as collaborative solutions that bring all stakeholders within the credit management process onto the same web platform.

As one of Malaysia’s leading software developers, John has won several awards, including the International APICTA Merit Award for Best Financial Software. John is a graduate of University of Melbourne where he studied Computer Science & Economics.

John, along with Co-Founders Naaman and Wai Hun were selected at the 54th International Selection Panel in New York City in 2014, the second Malaysian company to be named Endeavor Entrepreneurs.

JurisTech offers an end-to-end software solution to financial institutions for the credit management process that allows them to evaluate customers, approve loans, and recover debt.

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