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Endeavor Entrepreneurs

Jonathan Weins

Pop Meals

Jon is the Co-Founder and CEO of Pop Meals.

Jon was previously working with a food delivery marketplace in Southeast Asia (FoodPanda) and was the first person on the ground to roll out FoodPanda in Hong Kong. This allowed him to be involved in end-to-end of the rollout and led to many insights to understand the big opportunity to provide more convenient and affordable food to consumers in Southeast Asia and around the world. He then looked into how they could build a food brand that really takes advantage of technology and data to provide a superior customer experiences. He sees the Malaysian consumers as someone who loves food and is always curious to try new food items, making it a good starting base for building a Southeast Asian brand.

One thing that influenced him to be an entrepreneur is that - "If we live only once, why not do something challenging that has the potential to touch millions of people's life, even if it just means that someone has a brighter day because they enjoyed a delicious meal".

Pop Meals today, has put in place its tech and operations such as smart outlet systems that allows to achieve an inflection point in terms of product offering and service quality and growth in Malaysia. It has generated a playbook through identification of best performing outlet formats via their existing 32 locations which allows them to work on scaling efficiently and enables them to go beyond Malaysia or even Southeast Asia.

Pop Meals was selected at Endeavor's 33rd Virtual International Selection Panel (vISP) held from January 23-25, 2023.

Pop Meals was founded in 2020 in Malaysia to pioneer data-driven food development in the region. Pop Meals strives to serve affordable food in the fastest and most convenient ways through an omnichannel approach with a network of smart outlets. The company creates food that customers love by collecting and implementing customer feedback into product development processes.

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