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Team Members

Justin Yeow

Meet Justin, a determined soul to foster the next generation of disruptive entrepreneurs to propel Malaysia towards becoming a high value-added economy

Entrepreneurship transform economies. Justin joined Endeavor’s Entrepreneur Experience team, to help high-impact entrepreneurs scale their companies and solve their challenges. Justin aim to help facilitate the growth of Malaysia’s local entrepreneurial ecosystem and envision the trickle-down economics from high value entrepreneurs to propel Malaysia into a high-income country.

Prior to joining Endeavor, Justin has prior experience in Bay-Area start-up, high-level government office, consulting and starting his own social entrepreneurship project, demonstrating acquired skills in product management, project management, business development, research, strategy and stakeholder management. Justin holds a Bachelor of Economics in Finance (Hons) from Xiamen University. In his free time, Justin likes to read books, watch movies and play basketball.

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