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Kevin Brockland

Indelible Ventures

Kevin is the General Partner at Indelible Ventures, a Seed stage venture fund targeting Malaysia.

After several years living in Malaysia and being involved in the start-up community, he kept noting a funding gap despite exceptional talent and start-ups. Recently, he decided to bring his investment background and experience to a support entrepreneur in Malaysia.

Kevin has spent more than a decade in Fund Management overseeing more than USD 500 million in assets under management. He oversees the Asia portfolio at impact investor, Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF), with investments from India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Cambodia. He had also covered Latin America along with Asia but has since focused solely on Asia.

Prior to MDIF, Kevin was a Portfolio Manager at SEAF, an impact investor that, at the time, had an AUM of USD 400 Million with a portfolio of over 100 companies spanning 19 countries in 17 Funds. He has covered investments in Latin America, Europe, Central Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asia.

Going back to the start, after earning both an MBA and an MA, he began a career in Finance at the beginning of the Financial Crisis. Working in the Distressed Asset market for Tiger Group, he quickly became accustomed to a fast-paced environment working 50+ transactions a year.

With the high volume of transactions and range of geographies, Kevin has a broad set of experience of all the ups and downs businesses face across the globe.

Indelible Ventures targets seed stage, tech-enabled B2B startups that can scale internationally, using their extensive global experience to help founders expand their businesses grow across different geographies.

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