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Board Member

Mark Chang


Mark Chang founded JobStreet in 1997, the largest online employment company in Southeast Asia with a RM1 billion market capitalization in 2013.

JobStreet remains one of few technology companies in the region that has not only survived, but thrived since the first wave of the dot-com bubble crash back in 2000.

Prior to JobStreet, Mark served at Kendall International, a US healthcare company for 5 years starting as a Process Engineer before being promoted to Regional Director of Sales and Marketing for Malaysia in 1994. Mark also founded MOL, Malaysia’s first commercial website. He currently sits on the Boards of Innity Corporation, Vitrox Corporation, 104 Corporation, Taiwan and MOL Global Inc.

In 2014, Mark sold Jobstreet to ASX-listed SEEK at RM1.89 billion and now spends his time giving back to the local entrepreneurial community. He mentors dozens of entrepreneurs and founded the Little Rain Children Trust, a foundation that aids disadvantaged entrepreneurs and supports businesses with a positive social impact. Mark is also an active investor with JCBNext, his investment holding company.

Mark Chang is a founding Board Member of Endeavor Malaysia.

Jobstreet is Southeast Asia’s largest online employment portal serving 80,000 corporate customers and 11 million jobseekers.

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