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Team Members

Nurainie Mazlan

Meet Ainie, a dynamic strategist with a unique blend of expertise in healthcare, an inquisitiveness in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and a fervent drive for connecting people.

Ainie's journey in the healthcare and management sector spans three years, with an innate ability in bridging healthcare and people. Ainie's decision to embark on a new chapter with Endeavor showcases her unwavering determination to challenge herself and explore uncharted territories. Ainie firmly believes that the essence of healthcare - empathy, communication and understanding - aligns seamlessly with the spirit of entrepreneurship and building the ecosystem around it.

A true enthusiast for sports and adventure, she is an avid Manchester United fan who finds solace in activities like muay thai, brazilian jiu jitsu, rock climbing and scuba diving. With a love for travel, she loves to intertwine her passions by incorporating her sports into her explorations.

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