Endeavor Entrepreneurs

John Lim

Juris Technologies

John met co-founder Wai Hun, while working at Sapura Advanced Systems where he was the main architect of Executive Desktop, which won the 1995 Industry Excellence Award as well as the PIKOM Software of the Year award, Malaysia’s most prestigious software award.

Loi Tuan Ee

Holstein Milk Company

When it comes to moo-ving the needle of the local dairy industry, there’s no one udder than Holstein Milk Company. In just 7 years, farmer and entrepreneur Loi Tuan Ee successfully built and scaled a dairy farm, consequently making the Farm Fresh brand the market leader in all-natural and fresh dairy products in Malaysia.

Nadhir Ashafiq


Nadhir is the co-founder & Managing Director of TheLorry, a platform

Sunderaj Nagalingam

Dscaff Group

While working at Leopad Group as the Group Directions Director, Sunder met Chris, his future co-founder of Dscaff Group and then founder of Sorrel Corp. Over the years, they discovered their similar passion to innovate and design high-quality scaffolding equipment in the sleepy industry of engineering design in construction which then led to the establishment of Dscaff Group.

Alex Fernandez

Streamline Studios

Alexander Fernandez, CEO and Co-Founder of Streamline Studios started with a handful of artists and game designers in an apartment. 16 years later they are South East Asia’s biggest game development studio.

Anne Tham

ACE EdVenture Group

Anne Tham is the Group CEO & Founder of ACE EdVenture Group, a network of schools bringing a fresh approach to education through dynamic and interactive learning methods.

Kian Hoe Seah

Heng Hiap Industries

In attempt to tackle one of the world's most critical issue: the environment, Kian's obsession with chemical and physical properties of materials led him to revolutionize and rebrand plastic recycling in Malaysia with Heng Hiap Industries.

Mark Koay


Mark is the Founder & Group CEO of Photobook, the largest online photo product company in South East Asia.

Ron Ramanan


Ron is the CEO & Co-Founder of GoQuo, a platform to help airlines manage flight tickets and create dynamic travel bundles.

Aaron Patel


Aaron is the founder and CEO of iHandal, a turnkey engineering and contracting firm specializing in improving the energy efficiency of commercial and industrial buildings, with a mission to save 2,000,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually over the next decade.

Andrew Ooi

Inspidea Animation Studios

During the Asian Financial Crisis in 1998, Andrew Ooi and co-founder CJ See started a software distribution and systems integration company called Tourific. In 2002, the duo saw an opportunity in a locally-produced educational animation series which led to the launch of Inspidea.

Azarol Faizi


Azarol is the Founder & CEO of Bateriku.com, an on-demand battery replacement service provider.