Team Members

Hamizah Hamzah

Hamizah’s role in Endeavor Malaysia is helping high-impact companies grow and hoping to make a difference in the start-up ecosystem here.

Adlin Yusman

As the Managing Director of Endeavor Malaysia, Adlin aims to grow and strengthen the Malaysian chapter to create a large and long-lasting impact for the local ecosystem.

Nurshaffira Izzad

Thrilled to be part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, Fira manages Endeavor’s social media, blog and other external communications.

Rabiatul Zainal

Entrepreneurship runs in her blood. Her interest in entrepreneurship stemmed from the first-hand experience she had when helping in her father’s restaurant. With this exposure, she is keen to continuously learn from the Endeavor community on what it takes to become a good entrepreneur.

Neil Cheong

To move the needle in improving the nation’s socioeconomic well-being, Neil believes all levels of the society, especially the enterprise leaders play a significant role model in leading positive change.