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Endeavor Entrepreneurs

Ron Ramanan


Ron is the CEO & Co-Founder of GoQuo, a platform to help airlines manage flight tickets and create dynamic travel bundles.

Ron’s entrepreneurial journey began in 1996, when he and a close friend started ADS Group, a web development and IT services company that worked with clients including the BBC, MTV, Sony Music and Virgin Records. After 6 years, Ron wanted to pivot away from a contract-based business to a product-based company. He decided to follow the passion he had discovered for the travel industry, and launched GoQuo to help travel agencies sell their holiday packages online in 2002.

In 2013, Ron pivoted to focus exclusively on building ancillary travel products for airlines due to their higher traffic and conversion rates. Today, GoQuo offers airline companies a travel booking platform that maximizes revenue by bundling flight tickets with ancillary travel products such as accommodation, tours, and transfers.

Ron leads a team of over 100 people, spanning four countries throughout Asia, headquartering in Malaysia, with development and customer support centres in India, Indonesia and Vietnam. GoQuo is trusted by 20+ airlines and integration with GoQuo is fast and easy, with ready-made solutions for airlines on any host (Amadeus, Navitaire, Sabre, Travelsky, SITA) and connections to 40+ payment channels and 40+ ancillary product suppliers.

In April 2019, Ron was selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur in the 87th Endeavor International Selection Panel in Madrid, Spain.

GoQuo currently supports around 20 leading airlines in South East and North Asia, helping them increase ancillary revenues and improve their eCommerce offerings.

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