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Team Members

Saida Azizi

Saida is the associate of Marketing & Communications at Endeavor. She has always been enamored in engaging with people around her where connections can foster on a deeper level.

Saida holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Linguistics and Literature from the International Islamic University Malaysia. During her voyage there she has tapped into various co-curricular activities that not only challenges her but also gives her a greater sense of purpose. From her involvement in the National Law Symposium: Protection of Children, NALS Series Central Region: Child Marriage to being the Vice President of Poetry Club, she strives to be a part of a community that not only elevates aid but also connects.

Saida now is building her sonnet to combine these two passions; the study of human mind, human behavior with the art of marketing as she seeks to build lasting relationships here at Endeavor. The central core to a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem is afterall, cultivated by human connection.

Outside of work, Saida enjoys doing art as she dreams to be the next Claude Monet or Helen Frankenthaler. She also has an unhealthy obsession with Broadway musicals. Her free time is filled with different and new activities, as long as it gives her a greater sense of connection and being.

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