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Endeavor Entrepreneurs

Sunderaj Nagalingam

Dscaff Group

While working at Leopad Group as the Group Directions Director, Sunder met Chris, his future co-founder of Dscaff Group and then founder of Sorrel Corp. Over the years, they discovered their similar passion to innovate and design high-quality scaffolding equipment in the sleepy industry of engineering design in construction which then led to the establishment of Dscaff Group.

Initially in 2013, Dscaff sold traditional scaffolding to clients while developing innovative modular scaffolding systems. As the industrial services sector and construction industries progressed with higher demand, workers’ safety became a growing importance to developers as over 4000 accidents are reported each year in the Malaysian construction sector.

Over the course of two years, Dscaff developed new modular systems such as Shore Access Staging (SAS) system, DXS Alloy Frame Bridging system and SBS Plastic Framework system. These systems help expand Dscaff’s product capabilities and applications in a single product suite while reducing time and effort to build the scaffolding structures. Dscaff Engineering’s production of high-quality equipment is 15% lighter and 20% stronger than of their competitors, receiving a recognition by Construct Pty Ltd. as the world’s strongest scaffolding system. Currently, Dscaff holds 3 pending patents, 7 trademarks and is the only scaffolding company in the region certified with ISO9001 and ISO29001.

In 2000, Sunderaj graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia with a degree in Applied Physics and is passionate about engineering, design and travel. When he is not tinkering around working on electronic projects, Sunderaj enjoys playing golf and listening to music.

Sunderaj was selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur in the 64th Endeavor International Selection Panel in Madrid.

Dscaff Group aims to be recognized as a trusted premier provider of engineered scaffolding, Formwork and Safety Solutions Worldwide.

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