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Endeavor Malaysia 2018 Impact Report

Endeavor Malaysia celebrated our fifth year of operations in November 2018. As such we decided to take stock of the work we have done over the years in supporting high-impact entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

Since 2013, we have selected 16 companies from a wide range of industries, ranging from dairy to financial software, that collectively generated RM 800 million in revenues in 2018 and employed 2,200 people. Our 16 companies cumulatively raised over $120 million in funding to grow their businesses.

Our 60+ mentors, consisting of key business leaders from corporate Malaysia and the entrepreneurship ecosystem have donated 700+ hours of mentorship through the selection and post-selection servicing process. We have helped provide insights to 25 foreign Endeavor companies who were considering Malaysia as a new market for growth. With our support, we have seen our entrepreneurs grow in their abilities as leaders, have better clarity on their growth strategies and our mentors have helped broaden their horizons.

Globally, Endeavor supports 1,911 entrepreneurs that lead 1,195 high-growth companies across 34 markets. These companies generated $20 billion in revenues in 2018 and created 3 million jobs.

Moving forward, Endeavor Malaysia will continue growing the existing portfolio by numbers and strength. We have already selected 5 new companies in the first half of 2019 – Common Ground, Bateriku, GoQuo, TheLorry and Carsome. We are also launching Scaleup Endeavor in the end of Q3 2019 – a startup focused program that helps support founders in their scaling journey.

Read the report online here

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