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Google Cloud & Endeavor Collaborates To Present 'Unbound'

Google Cloud & Endeavor Collaborates To Present 'Unbound', Launched With A Roundtable On "Growing Sustainably" With Malaysia’s Industry Leaders

Tuesday, 26 July 2022 - Google Cloud and Endeavor presents 'Unbound', a collaboration that pushes entrepreneurs to unshackle their limitations, scale sustainably and accelerate their escape velocity. As a founder-first organization, with the launch of Unbound, we aim to build strong multidisciplinary entrepreneurship ecosystems designed to inspire success and sustainability through the support of multiple players, other ecosystem builders, funding partners and service providers.

During the recent roundtable launch, industry leaders shared their experience and knowledge on the many aspects of scaling: people, role as a CEO and tools to grow and scale sustainably:

  • Know your hiring strategy. People join companies because of the leaders, not necessarily because of the company - have a hiring framework and identify the right talents for your market.

  • Continue to groom employees. Entrepreneurs should ensure that there is constant talent development to allow lifelong learning, upskilling and empowerment of others - this contributes towards keeping the company’s vision alive.

  • Culture implementation is important. Having a culture or brand DNA that the company can always stay true to is important for optimal performance and employee motivation.

  • Do your job as a CEO. As a CEO, delegate, prioritize and start letting go as your company scales - hire the right talents to execute for you instead of micromanaging everything.

  • Never stop adapting. Entrepreneurs must understand that the organization they are building is bigger than them and is always changing - find ways to be flexible but at the same time, true to yourself and the company's vision.

  • Upskilling as CEO is important. Becoming a star CEO is a skill that you can acquire - take courses and acquire valuable knowledge and strategy to implement in your company.

  • Always self-reflect and learn to let go. CEOs who lose key workers should self-reflect, improve but also be willing to let go of them if you have done your best at that point in time for your company.


Session attendees: Eric Cheng (Carsome), Adlin Yusman (Endeavor), Rafiq Razali (Media Prima), Sharil Tarmizi (ASEAN Advisory), Tunku Alina Alias (JA Russell & Co, BOH Plantations), Mac Chung Lynn (Nando's), Nadhir Ashafiq (TheLorry), Aaron Patel (iHandal), John Lim (Juristech), Joe Khoo (iStore iSend), Tommy Yong (iStore iSend), Tzong Lee (TRAPO), Zare Lee (TRAPO), Sharma Lachu (Accendo Technologies) and Giden Lim (BloomThis) and the Google Cloud team: Sherie Ng, Shin Mei Lee, Subho Roy and Ronnie Ng.

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