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The team recommends! A few services and products we have genuinely loved.

1. Carsome: selling cars has never been so easy.

Buying cars has always been known to be a slow, long drawn process that is often dreaded by many of us. For a win-win situation, Carsome is here to provide a de-risking element whereby car sellers get to put their cars up for bid getting the best deserved price. Meanwhile, the dealers can use Carsome as their virtual inventory with 100% transparency on the car condition to ensure people bid with confidence. The car gets sold faster and everyone is happier!

2. Bateriku: makes your bad day just another day.

The typical battery replacement process has always been a very inconvenient and unpleasant experience for most of us. Your battery going flat without a warning, the hassle of jumpstarting a car, not to mention the expensive roadside assistance. Well, Bateriku is here to save the day! Bateriku is a service that provides an end to end battery delivery and replacement services, through a fleet of mobile technicians on standby. With a tech-savvy team, Bateriku aims to make your bad day frown-free.

3. iMoney: your financial decision helper.

In a world where accurate and trusted financial information is hard to find and organize, it is always a pain to decide on financial matters. With iMoney, we can easily compare credit cards, various loan rates as well as other products, all at one platform. By aggregating pricing and product information across a range of verticals, iMoney empowers you to make better financial decisions.

4. BeliGas: not your typical gas changer.

Why wait for the randomly scheduled gas lorry to comeby when you can get it delivered to your doorstep at a cheaper price? BeliGas is a platform that helps thousands of Malaysians get quick and efficient deliveries of LPG cooking gas while offsetting gas price when you recycle with them. It is convenient and it saves you money, truly hitting two birds with one stone.

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