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New interventions are myths, if there aren't good results. Here are a few things entrepreneurs are doing right.

“Mum, you’re doing it wrong!” - because there’s always a new way to take care of your newborn baby, the new mums pledged. “Don’t use a pacifier on my baby!”, “Let him cry it out, don’t pick him up!”

Well, sometimes the old way IS the best way. Just use the pacifier! Pick the baby up! Because new interventions will become myths, if there aren't good results. In this section we compiled all of the advices from our September sessions of what are our Endeavor Mentors believe entrepreneurs should NOT CHANGE and reassures that these few ways or approach makes them and their business, on the right track:

1. Characterising everything.

Continue to give stories defined beyond being “just” entrepreneurs. Stories that highlight resilience and character from entrepreneurs tend to win the lottery. People love seeing the human side to things. So share your struggles as much as you share your wins.

2. Including ESG Values.

If you have doubts on wanting to add or continue having ESG values in your business...don’t. ESG is a huge upcoming element and it should be part of the value proposition rather than a customization element. So, keep on highlighting the ESG pointers you have, if you haven’t already, well, start cracking on it! The first to market, always has the upper hand to win the market!

3. Knowing everything in operations.

But not everything in the world of course, we don’t need to put that pressure on ourselves. Our endeavor mentors collectively have made it clear that CEOs should familiarise themselves with everything that runs under their company as they should know the bottom line to operations. This understanding ensures clarity to rationale in making significant and difficult decisions in the future.

4. Chemistry and synergy, it definitely matters.

Chemistry between founders is not a petty concern, and even so, it applies to all the connections you are making for the business. If you cannot work well with someone, the business won’t go forward. However, this must be balanced with needs. We must also be reminded that once we do find someone we match well with, if they have outgrown their capabilities, chemistry should matter less in order to bring the business forward. So if you have concerns on chemistry, good, it’s the basis of every good teamwork but, don’t overshadow it with comfort.

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