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A few mindsets and approach we need to unlearn & relearn.

1. “Vulnerability is a weakness”

Never be ashamed to ask for chances and to seek forgiveness when you’ve gone wrong. Your willingness to be vulnerable will show your genuinity authentically. It is also where trust is built and trust always goes a long way!

2. “Employees don’t have to know everything”

As a leader, you should always make sure that everyone knows the game plan and what is currently happening. When everyone is in the know, they are more likely to share the same vision and this always ties everyone together for the better.

3. “Big bets are big moves”

There is actually a clear difference between big bets and big moves! When you’re not 100% clear and you don't have much confidence in a decision, usually that's a big bet. A big move is when you take a well calculated risk which means you have a very clear understanding of all your planning, strategy, along with a good framework in place. So, big bets NO and big moves YES!

4. “There’s only one way to do it”

Just like everything else in life, there is always more than just one way to progress in your entrepreneurial journey. There is no magical box for you to open and find the right answer. This is where Endeavor comes in! We help entrepreneurs find their answers through providing them the access to market, capital, talent and most importantly, mentorship.

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