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Sometimes, all you need in life is that one product that keeps you alive. In this case, we have five!

Farm Fresh - Premium Chocolate Milk

As Endeavor Entrepreneur Loi Tuan Ee (Founder & Managing Director of The Holstein Milk Company) goes beyond selling fresh milk by enabling people to become entrepreneurs as well, Farm Fresh continues to live well in the hearts of many Malaysians out there. The Farm Fresh Home Dealer Network empowers micro-entrepreneurs (many of whom are women) to make a sustainable income by distributing Farm Fresh products within their communities.

From its unique empowering element and honest organic ingredients, the team could never miss out from including them in the list! For those who have never been a milk fan, this is surely one you should give a shot at. Farm Fresh Chocolate Milk has a super rich and creamy taste, we can bet it will hit the spot and turn you immediately into a fan! Made with 100% fresh cow’s milk, get them now at the nearest store around you or get them through their website at

dUCk - The Doodle dUck

Celebrating each and every amazing child out there, dUck recently launched The Doodle dUCk in conjunction with World's Children Day. The Doodle dUCk’s colourful and imaginative art is drawn by the kids from an orphanage that the team there and Endeavor Entrepreneur Vivy Yusof (Co-founder and CCO of FashionValet and dUCk) has contributed to. The kids' talent and unprecedented artwork of life can now be seen in prints of apples, guitars, flowers and more on scarves, notebooks and bags.

Not only does the limited edition Doodle dUCk scarf is creatively hand-drawn by the curious mind of the little ones themselves, but it also reminds us that we should bring out the inner child in us at times and that we should always find new things to explore everyday. Maybe even doodle ourselves too! Not too sure if dUCk would print it...but being reminded that we can take a step back and be a kid again, makes life definitely worthwhile.

P.s.: The cause alone was able to manage to revamp their kitchen to help ease the kids’ days a bit more at home! Support their cause and find out about their new campaign here:

TRAPO - Classic Mark III, Car Mat

Following the team’s last visit to one of our Local Endeavor Entrepreneurs Tzong Lee & Zare Lee’s (Co-Founders of TRAPO) Trapo hubs, we’ve seen firsthand the high quality products as well as services that TRAPO provides.

To highlight one of their many products, the All-New Trapo Classic Mark III now comes infused with patented active bacteria-killing technology. It eliminates 99.99% of bacteria with a simple rinse of water for worry-free travels. Now infused with antibacterial technology, the car mats also help eliminate fungus growth typically seen in traditional car mats after prolonged exposure to moisture. Covering over 1000 models and counting, all Trapo Car Mats are bespoke to their individual vehicles and are expertly measured to ensure the ultimate fit and coverage of any car mat in the market. Come drop by at any one of Trapo Hubs located throughout the country and experience it all yourself!

BeliGas - Micro Insurance Product with FWD

Suthan Mookaiah (Managing Director of BeliGas Malaysia & one of our ScaleUp Entrepreneurs from Cohort 2), recently got a hold of the team here in Endeavor Malaysia sharing their good news! BeliGas is back again with ANOTHER pay it forward initiative! A true hero indeed, as Suthan Mookaiah launched a micro insurance product, in partnership with FWD Insurance.

BeliGas customers between age of 18 to 48 years old can now redeem Takaful protection up to RM40,000 when they purchase LPG Gas OR recycle used cooking oil in BeliGas app with a RM50 voucher that can be used to offset the purchase cost of the Takaful protection for the first year.

This initiative was made to insure and protect uninsured & underinsured BeliGas users where young adults, young families and those from B40 categories. One can do so much for another if given the right means, but Suthan, he makes sure that there ARE the right means to it. To know more of Suthan’s and BeliGas’ initiative, check out their website here:

Amazin’ Graze - Dark Chocolate Brownie Chips

After working in many demanding corporate roles in Asia, Local Endeavor Entrepreneur Amy Zheng (Co-founder & CEO of Amazin'Graze) and her two other co-founders were frustrated at the unhealthy lifestyles and food options around them. As a result, Amazin’Graze was born and we love it!

The team specifically fell in love with these thin layers of cocoa goodness baked into 2mm* perfection, sprinkled with almond flakes, chia seeds, and coconut shreds. Amazin’ Graze Dark Chocolate Brownie Chips is the name and they are made with only natural ingredients, without any refined sugar, preservatives or artificial ingredients. The ingredients are healthy yet they taste so tasty, you can never feel guilty snacking on brownies or chocolate anymore. Curious how these melt in your mouth? Get them now at or any nearby groceries around you!

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