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The team is too proud to not share! Here's some of the good news from our network this month.

1. Rafiq Razali: The new Group Managing Director for Media Prima.

As one of the most dedicated mentors that Endeavor has as well as everyone’s top mentor request, Rafiq Razali was recently promoted as the new Group Managing Director for Media Prima. What goes around truly comes around. As you pay it forward to the community, the universe might just pay it forward to you too!

2. Fashion Valet: Continues to lead the game with dUck’s latest unique flagship store.

Endeavor Entrepreneurs Fadza Anuar & Vivy Yusof (Co-Founders of FashionValet) have recently opened dUck’s latest flagship store at Bangsar Village, Kuala Lumpur. Creating a buzz in the mainstream media as well as social media, their latest flagship store serves not just their usual product line up but also a cafe experience as well as hair salon services. A wholesome experience entirely customized and catered for their loyal customers.

3. TRAPO: Started their Local Endeavor Entrepreneur journey with the launching of a new product

Last month, Tzong Lee and Zare Lee (Co-founders & Co-CEOs of TRAPO) were selected as the latest Local Entrepreneurs at our Virtual Local Selection Panel+. In a true Endeavor spirit, TRAPO started their Local Entrepreneur journey with the launching of a brand new product. Their latest product is the next generation of TRAPO’s Classic - Eco and Hex car mats. They use recycled polyethylene tetraphyte (RPET) plastic for the lining, with each set made out of a dozen recycled 500 ml plastic bottles. The new car mats also have a new eyelet design made from durable EVA, with different sizes to ensure compatibility with a variety of vehicles. A car mat customized to your car’s needs AND the environment’s needs! TRAPO is always mind blowing us with their innovative and creative designs. Making the world a better place to live, with a car mat at a time.

4. BeliGas: Certified Endeavor’s Superstar as they snatched yet another award.

Previously certified in the Malaysia Book of Records, one of our ScaleUp Entrepreneurs for our ScaleUp Program Cohort 2, Suthan Mookaiah (Managing Director of BeliGas) has just received another award for making a positive difference in our community. Under the program: ‘The Star Golden Heart Awards’, The Star awarded him as an unsung Malaysian Hero as BeliGas is now also providing employment opportunities for B40 Malaysians and ex-convicts. Curious to watch the live session? The recording of the session can be accessed here:

5. BloomThis: Taking it up a notch as they expanded into a bigger and better space.

One of our ScaleUp Entrepreneurs for our ScaleUp Program Cohort 2, Penny Choo and Giden Lim (Co-Founders of BloomThis) have recently grown the BloomThis family into a five leveled warehouse. A true testament of how far they have come as they grow further with Endeavor.

6. Meaningfull: taking it to the next level with IGB.

Tan & Tan Developments Bhd (a wholly-owned subsidiary of IGB Bhd) has signed an agreement with one of our ScaleUp Entrepreneurs for our ScaleUp Program Cohort 2, Meaningfull Life Sdn Bhd to set up a joint venture (JV) company. The JV is called ReU Living Sdn Bhd and will be focusing on operating convalescent/post-hospitalisation facilities and senior living facilities. An exciting new journey awaits for Anna Chew (Founder & CEO of Meaningfull) and we are all here for it!

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