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Here is an interesting and useful framework that can help avoid notorious failures.

Even big brands are prone to mistakes and unfortunately for them, those big project failures often end up in the headlines.

Among the few of the most widespread project failures that often occur are often highly dependent on unsuccessful project portfolio management, which circulates around poor visibility into project-related data, productivity gaps due to insufficient task automation, collaboration and communication issues. We’re not superheroes but we are here to help seize the day! Most of these pain points fortunately, can be eradicated by a framework, as one of our Endeavor Mentors endorsed.

Earlier this September, she included this suggestion in a mentoring session we had where she tagged an interesting and useful framework that can help avoid notorious failures from big risky projects, as big as expanding into a new market! The framework, named as the McKinsey framework, can help us to prioritise, to look into the potential versus the bandwidth before executing a project.

As she puts it, this framework has personally helped her in surviving risky ventures, an Endeavor Mentor herself, founder of one of the biggest companies across the Middle East.

Find out more on the framework here:

It might be your new best friend!

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