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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Endeavor?

Endeavor is a global entrepreneur support organisation that acts as an ecosystem builder. Its mission is to catalyse growth in economies by supporting high impact entrepreneurs. Click (here) to view our global mission and network.

Endeavor Malaysia runs 2 tracks - Endeavor Entrepreneur Track for high potential larger growth stage companies (typically Series B & above), and ScaleUp Endeavor, which targets high potential startups that are typically Series A and below. You can refer to our criteria for the Endeavor Entrepreneur Track here. ScaleUp Endeavor criteria as found above.

How much does the ScaleUp Endeavor program cost?

Scaleup Program does not charge any fees or equity – we aim to select companies of the highest potential to help them solve challenges and scale their businesses.​ However, we charge a refundable deposit of RM5,000 to ensure consistent attendance & engagement throughout the entirety of the program.

How committed do I need to be for this ScaleUp Endeavor program?

Scaleup Program is a programme where we match you with a mentor who will journey with you for the next 12 months. You are expected to organise meetups with your mentors at least every 2 months based on his/her convenience, and attend workshops organised by Endeavor (expected to be once every 2-3 months)

How many mentors will I have access to?

You are assigned a mentor for your long term challenges but you gain access to Endeavor’s local network of over 60 mentors.

How do I qualify for ScaleUp Endeavor?

If you are a business of over 18 months, generate over RM1million in revenue, and own your own products/ services (non-licensed/ franchised), you most definitely qualify for the ScaleUp Endeavor and can apply (here).

How will you decide who is selected?

Companies will be selected based on the unique proposition of the business, the current problem it solves, the ability for the business to scale and the differentiators around the business.

How will I be informed on the status of my application?

You will receive an automated reply upon submitting the form on your application. Please give the team 2-3 working days to reach out to you.

When is the deadline to apply for ScaleUp Endeavor?

The deadline to apply for ScaleUp Endeavor is 28th July 2020.

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