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The NEW 2021 2nd Cohort is a 6 + 18 months of non-dilutive structured program aimed to supercharge the growth of late stage startup entrepreneurs that aspire to be a high-impact Endeavor Entrepreneur. 

Deadline: 18 June 2021

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Endeavor's ScaleUp Program is designed to guide entrepreneurs through the complexities of business process building, structural placement and refining the business focus of late stage startup entrepreneurs. The scaling process is guided and accelerated sustainably through mentorship by seasoned business leaders and entrepreneurs of Endeavor's high-impact network.

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Why ScaleUp Endeavor?

Program Goals



Each company will be assigned a fixed mentor that serves as an advisor to their learning and scaling progress throughout the 6+18 months of support.



Sharing sessions serve as an added value to the scaling and learning process. The session includes real stories and real examples from the Endeavor network on the fundamental topics: Business Strategy Planning, Unit Economics & Business Metrics, Market Access & Scaling, Data & Digitization, People & Culture, and Fundraising. These are curated based on the needs of the selected companies.

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Road-to-Market is an ongoing exercise for selected entrepreneurs to showcase their product and services to the affiliated companies in the Endeavor network that have volunteered themselves to test, adopt and potentially be long-term paying customers of these scaleup companies.

*Volunteering Endeavor network companies are companies/organizations that are affiliated professionally with Endeavor mentors, entrepreneurs and partners. The list of participating companies will be announced at the start of the program.


Clear Business Focus, Direction & Scaling Strategy

Attain clear growth strategy/business goals/execution approach throughout the program.


2x Revenue in 24 months

Average growth of 10% MoM or 120% YoY  for the entire cohort.

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$30mil Fundraising Goal

ScaleUp Endeavor aims to cumulatively achieve a total amount of $30mil raised among selected companies.

Application Criteria

Annual revenue size between RM 2 million to RM 6 million

Demonstrated at least an average of 20% YoY revenue growth (2017-2019)

 Founder(s) must own the IP and holds a majority stake in the company

Majority of operations must be in Malaysia; No trading, franchisee, or licensee of other business

Program Timeline

July - Dec 2021

6-months Acceleration Program

January 2022

Graduation Day & Post-Graduation

April - July 2021

Application & Launch Phase

  • Only 20 companies will be shortlisted for this cohort.

  • Setting Business Goal & Fixed Mentor Pairing.

  • Companies will go through an intricate assessment to pin down their key challenges upon their scale and forge a road map to be executed during the program.

  • Workshops, individual one-to-one, one-to-many mentoring, peer-to-peer support sessions and road-to-market opportunities.

  • Support and mentoring access for startups to move into the next scaleup phase.

  • Customized support services based on the entrepreneur’s need.

  • Close monitoring of growth numbers and implementation of strategic/tactical advice

  • Profit and Loss guidance.

  • Entrepreneurs of the 2021 ScaleUp Cohort will share their learnings to their peers and meet with the rest of the Endeavor network of peers, mentors and investors.

  • 18-months of support from Endeavor after the program.

  • High-growth Scaleup graduates will be fast tracked to join the Local Selection Panel and International Selection Panel to be a full-fledged Endeavor Entrepreneur.

Scaleup Endeavor Mentors

Cohort 1 Alumni


CEO of HealthMetrics

Alvin Yuan

"The ScaleUp Entrepreneur Program is like an accelerator program on steroids. Endeavor has the unfair advantage of getting experienced and top mentors from any industry to be able to share their invaluable insights that I do not believe are available for any other program, at least in Malaysia."


CEO of Dropee

Lennise Ng

"I like how genuine the mentors are in helping me and my business grow and I look forward to paying-it-forward in helping other entrepreneurs out there to scale their business to the next level.."


Co-founder of CapBay

Darrel Ang

“I found all the training sessions very useful and looking forward to the next event. Always enjoy connecting and engaging with the excellent entrepreneur community that Endeavor has built!”

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Submit Your Application Now!

You are required to prepare and upload the following documents through the application link below. 

Deadline for applications is 18 June 2021.

1x Business Profile
1x Supplementary Material

PDF Only (5MB max)

Max. 5 pager deck to attach product graphics/case studies/other supporting facts related to the business profile

1x Audited Report


The ScaleUp Endeavor Cohort 1 Alumni

Frequently asked questions

What is Endeavor?

  • Endeavor is the world’s leading community of high-impact entrepreneurs. We dream big, scale up, and pay it forward. Endeavor’s mission is to unlock the transformational power of entrepreneurship by selecting, supporting, and investing in the world’s top founders and providing them a platform to pay it forward.
  • We select Endeavor Entrepreneurs by searching the globe, identifying the fastest growing founders with the greatest potential, and inviting them to participate in our renowned international selection process.
  • We support Endeavor Entrepreneurs with our unrivaled global network, peer-to peer community, and demand-driven services to turbocharge growth.
  • We invest in Endeavor Entrepreneurs through our rules-based co-investment fund with hundreds of millions of dollars under management.
  • We elevate Endeavor Entrepreneurs as aspirational role models and provide avenues for them to invest in, mentor, and inspire others to dream big.
  • To localize its support for the startup and scaleup ecosystem in Malaysia, Endeavor Malaysia runs 2 support tracks - Endeavor Entrepreneur track for high potential larger growth stage companies (typically Series B & above), and Endeavor ScaleUp Entrepreneurs, which targets high potential startups that are typically Series A and below.

How much does the ScaleUp Program cost?

We don’t take equity. As this is a highly subsidized program through the generosity from the Board Directors and Endeavor Entrepreneurs in their effort to pay their success forward, to make sure participants of the program have some ‘skin in the game’ we collect a fixed RM4,000 fee for the entire program. (RM3,000 at the start of the program and the remaining RM1,000 at the end of the 6 months.)

How committed do I need to be for ScaleUp Endeavor?

Scaleup Program is a programme where we match you with a mentor who will journey with you for the next 24 months. You are expected to organise meetups with your mentors at least every 2 months based on his/her convenience though the assigned Endeavor account manager, and attend workshops organised by Endeavor for the ScaleUp program (expected to be once every 1 month).

How many mentors will I have access to?

You gain full access to Endeavor’s local network of over 60 mentors. You’ll be assigned a fixed mentor to serve as your advisor or sounding board throughout the program period. Endeavor staff will curate suitable mentors according to a mix of factors e.g. industry, company size, challenges and scaling approaches.

How will you decide who is selected?

Companies will be screened using the same criteria as how Endeavor Entrepreneurs are evaluated: (1) Entrepreneur, (2) Business and (3) Timing. We look for entrepreneurs who dream big, scale up and pay it forward.

How will I be informed about the status of my application?

You will receive an automated reply upon submitting the form on your application. You’ll be informed by the team if you’re shortlisted for the Selection Day interview that is tentatively scheduled to fall in June.

When is the deadline to apply for ScaleUp Endeavor?

The deadline to apply for ScaleUp Endeavor is on the 18th June 2021.

How much time I should allocate for the program?

  • To achieve a meaningful program outcome for the entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals, Endeavor Malaysia recommends a healthy balance between advisory-related sessions (e.g. workshop, mentorship, check-ins) and the time needed for entrepreneurs to execute on the learnings.
  • 1-to-1 mentoring sessions are capped at 1 hr. Workshop frequency will be once in a month, spending not more than 3-4 hours per session (half-day). Mentoring sessions vary depending on the needs of the entrepreneurs. Endeavor Malaysia recommends at least 3 touchpoints with the fixed mentors for the 6 month period.

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